Path to Health and Wellness

The goal of this project is to create a safe, outdoor space for physical fitness, health, well-being, and socialization for the seniors in our community and the surrounding towns that we serve.

Plan for YAHSC’s “Path to Health and Wellness” – designed by local architect Robert Mitnik

We are a Meals on Wheels facility that includes Congregant Dining, as well as a Bone Builder program and other activities. However, through the pandemic, we have come to recognize the need for Outdoor Fitness, Outdoor Recreation, and Outdoor Socialization for our senior community. In order to achieve this goal, we would like to build a “park” or “fitness garden” – a space to gather and stay physically fit. There is a need for space where seniors can enjoy the outdoors, especially when the indoor activities have been restricted. It was through the realization of this need that the “Path to Health and Wellness” was conceived.

The Path to Health and Wellness will include:
  • An exercise pad (20′ x 40′) constructed with synthetic rubber. This will help prevent the exercise class participants from injuring their joints.
  • A “pavilion” or “gazebo” will provide protection from outdoor elements, such as extreme sun or moderate rain. This will allow classes to continue during slightly inclement weather.
  • An exercise track will circle the exercise pad and pavilion areas. It is designed to be 350′ in length, oval-shaped, and 5′ wide. This allows 2 people to walk together comfortably, while providing space to pass individuals. Ideally, this will be constructed with synthetic rubber.
  • An exercise garden of equipment, made especially for seniors. These pieces of equipment assist with balance, shoulder flexibility (Tai Chi Spinners), lower back care (waist stretcher), and an assortment of other pieces. All equipment will have sign posts with instructional details.
  • A wooden viewing deck along the Poultney River. This will be approximately 8′ x 25′ with banisters for safety at the end of the deck. The Poultney River will parallel this space.
  • A paved patio, attaching the ramp at the office door to the front door for ease of walking. 2 handicapped parking spots will be added, along with a 3′ high wall to separate the patio from the parking lot.
  • Repaving of the parking lot with lines for parking spots.
  • Trees planted along Furnace Street for safety, so there is only one entrance to the parking lot. It is designed to be 24′ wide.

While we are applying for grants to help make this project a reality, any and all donations will be greatly appreciated! Please contact YAHSC at (802)287-9200 to get your tax deductible contribution started. Thank you for your support!

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